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Craft Beer and Cornhole!

In honor of Craft Beer Week, I spent some time tracking down breweries and bars across the country where you can drink delicious, local beer and play cornhole with a group of friends and friendly strangers.

For those of you up in Maine, Foundation Brewing Company has cornhole boards set up during nicer weather if you’re feeling competitive.

For the New Yorkers, Bronx Brewery just opened their outdoor beer garden, complete with cornhole boards and appropriately called “the Backyard,” earlier this month.

Moving south, Pittsburgh has a few hot spots with various pub games and cornhole.

Charlotte, NC’s VBGB is a beer hall & garden and restaurant, with plenty to eat and drink while you enjoy a game.

Down in Asheville, one of Asheville Brewing’s locations has a large covered patio where you can play and enjoy what I’ve heard is absolutely delicious pizza.

In Grand Junction, CO, Edgewater Brewery (“The Edge”) has a large, grassy outdoor patio with an amazing view while you sip on your favorite brew and play cornhole.

Seattle’s Populuxe Brewery has a kid-friendly and dog-friendly outdoor courtyard with a cornhole court (and fire pits/heaters on cooler evenings.)

While they don’t have it on their website, Lost & Found in the Bay Area has a 7,000-sq.-ft. patio where you can play cornhole with 17 rotating California beers on tap to choose from.

And in my current city, Los Angeles, you can find a piece of the Midwest at Angel City Brewery in DTLA’s hip and growing Arts District.

But home is where the heart is, so if you’re looking for a place to kick back with an amazing local beer and a game of cornhole in Cincinnati, look no further than Rhinegeist. Located in Moerlein’s old bottling plant from the late 1800s, this amazing space in historic Over-the-Rhine has plenty of space to enjoy a few friendly games.

One of the only things I like more than beer and cornhole is animals and helping pets in need, so if you don’t enjoy beer and want to play for a cause, One of a Kind Pet Rescue in northern Ohio will have cornhole at their upcoming Summer BBQ on June 7th.

Do you have a favorite local spot where you can play cornhole while enjoying your favorite beverage? Let us know!

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Welcome Spring!

This weather means it’s time to play cornhole! If you didn’t make it to any winter tournaments, we’ve collected a handful of opportunities to start a game and embrace a warmer season.

The ACO Regionals are upon us. These start April 4th with tournaments in Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, and West Virginia. At these tournaments, you can earn ACO World Ranking Points that count toward the ACO Majors. If you’re interested in competing in ACO’s State or World Championships, this would be a great chance to get warmed up and earning points.

If you’re not interested in scoring ACO points, the Ohio Valley Cornhole Championship is coming up this May. This tournament offers an appealing cash prize of $1,000! (Always nice to have a little extra spending money…)

The Farmville Dogwood Festival offers a cornhole tournament on top of a weekend packed with entertainment. With food concessions, live music, an outdoor movie, and carnival rides, you’ll have plenty to do before and after the tournament.

And for those of you who, like me, love cornhole but don’t have a very competitive spirit, First Tennessee Park in Nashville is adding the Band Box bar and restaurant complete with cornhole for regular play. If you’re further west and can’t make it to this new spot in Tennessee but you’re looking for a relaxed social environment for cornhole, DeSoto Central Market in Phoenix is opening its doors in April. The new market and “dining hub” will have a dog-friendly patio with space for cornhole. This sounds like my favorite kind of place to play a game of cornhole with friends.

While cornhole is almost always fun and games, it’s always humbling to the impact people can make through a cornhole tournament. Country singer Craig Campbell recently hosted the third annual Craig Campbell Celebrity Cornhole Challenge with Fight Colorectal Cancer as part of the One Million Strong celebration. To read more about the tournament and Campbell’s experiences with the deadly disease, check out Nashville Edge’s article on the event.

Do you have a favorite bar or restaurant that has a space for cornhole? Are you hosting a tournament? Or do you know of a tournament in your area that’s benefiting a cause you care about? Let us know!

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Looking for a Winter Tournament in Your Area?

We hope everyone’s 2015 is off to a great start! It may still be winter, but there are cornhole tournaments and leagues starting all over the country. If playing cornhole on your smartphone isn’t satisfying enough, we’ve found a few tournaments in the upcoming weeks.

For those of you in northern Indiana, fighting bitter cold winter weather, there is a cornhole tournament in Michigan City on February 21st. This tournament will take place at the district meeting, complete with a motivational speaker, to raise money for A.C.E. and Youth-of-the-Year scholarship recipients. That sounds like an uplifting afternoon!

Also on February 21st, but for those of you in Harrogate, TN, the men’s ministry at Pump Springs Baptist Church is hosting a cornhole tournament to benefit the church’s outreach ministries. (Lunch provided!)

The Hurricanes Orange Baseball Team is hosting a cornhole tournament (with great cash prizes) in Danville, IN on February 28th to raise money for the team’s 2015 season.

Mountain State Cornhole in West Virginia is hosting their March Bagness tournament (one entry free, three tournaments, and a great pun) on March 7th. This tournament has a six game guarantee and will even help you find a playing partner if you’re a solo player.

Going a little further south, the Smokin’ Cornhole Tournament at Pensacola Bay Brewery is coming up on March 7th. Not only is this tournament held at a brewery with ample beer choices, this is a qualifying tournament for the Kaboom Sports & Social Club’s final tournament in October.

If you like the idea of playing cornhole at a local brewery but aren’t near Pensacola, Center of the Universe Brewing Co. has a cornhole league that begins February 19th. The league is affordable and you get a t-shirt!

Over the next few week’s, ACO Masters Series Regional’s Icehole tournaments are happening, with some coming up as soon as this Sunday. You can see the dates here to find a tournament near you!

Can’t find anything in your area? We’ll continue to feature upcoming cornhole tournaments on our blog as warm weather approaches. If you’re hosting a tournament or know of one coming up in your region, reach out to us on Facebook and let us know!

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Cornhole at Your Fingertips

It’s winter, it’s cold, and you want to play cornhole. And that’s why smartphones have apps! I downloaded four of the top free cornhole games for iPhone and spent some time playing each game. If you’re looking for your next gaming addiction, one of these could be it.

Game 1: Ultimate Cornhole 3D
The first game offers single player, two player, and time attack. Time attack is a time 30-second game with eight bags total. It’s good practice, but I prefer the 1 player option for a night of smartphone gaming. This is the first time I’ve ever played a game like cornhole on a phone, so I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s very simple. You can see most of the bag, as if you’re holding it by your waist, at the bottom center of the screen. You hold your finger on the bag and swipe your finger forward to throw the bag. The length of the line represents the distance of the throw. There is a small wind meter on the screen, showing MPH and direction, and the wind changes slightly with every toss. The change in the wind keeps you on your toes! It’s hard to find your rhythm when it goes from 9 MPH East to 4MPH West between throws.
One of the reason I prefer the P1 and P2 games is the graphics. The perspective follows the bag through the toss and there is another graphic after each bag to show your score/foul. The biggest reason, though, is for some reason, the slide of the bags on the board seemed a lot more realistic. The timed attack felt more like the bags just hit the board with a “thud” and that was it. In the versus games, it feels more real. It also, somewhat embarrassingly, took me five games to get a bag through the hole on timed attack.
Cancellation scoring is used in this game and you play to 21. There are two free boards to choose from, but you have to buy custom bags or custom boards. You can also pay to play ads free.
I lost.

Game 2: Corso’s Cornhole Challenge
This game, which is all Home Depot-themed, only allows you to play single player unless you create an account. I created an account, so I was able to play single player, find Facebook friends, or lookup an opponent by username. If you choose single player without selecting an opponent you know, you can choose from normal, intermediate, and expert. I may be pretty good at cornhole in real life, but I am new to cornhole for the iPhone, so I selected normal. You can also choose from two sets of boards and what background you use. (You have a backyard, a beach, or a parking lot tailgate.) There are no other customization options.
Like Ultimate Cornhole 3D, these graphics follow through with your throw. You have a different angle of the bag though. It is further out, as if you’re holding it further in front of you, and consequently, I thought it was a little easier to guide on my toss. There’s more bounce than slide and the wind stays fairly consistent throught he game rather than changing with each throw. This let me find more of a rhythm to my throw, as I would in each real life game.
One of the most realistic parts of this game is how sassy your computerized opponent can be. I heard things like, “Boo-yah!” and, “Are we aiming at the same board?” You can turn this off, but I enjoyed it.
In this game, points do not cancel. You play to 21, regardless of rounds.
I won!

Game 3: Pocket Cornhole
Choice number three has background music! There is also a typo in the game’s instructions (“ammount”) and there is no definition of how to win, but I made an effort not to hold this against the app before giving it a try.
This game gives you 1 player and 2 player options. If you select 1 player, you have the option of practice, time attack, and vs. computer (with the choice of amateur or pro). You can also choose between a yard and a stadium’s parking lot for your game’s location. There are 6 bag colors and 9 board designs to choose from. (I chose teal & red and the football field board in “my” backyard.)
The perspective in this game is similar to the past two games. It’s sort of an in-between of each, with a full bag shown toward the bottom. However, in this game, it isn’t the same swipe or flick to release the bag. You hold your finger on the bag to fill the “power meter” on the left of the screen and the slide your finger forward to toss the bag, keeping the angle of the swipe and strength & direction of wind in mind. It felt trickier than the first two games when I first started, but I actually came to like it and performed the best on this game. (I learned the hard way… the bag will catch fire if you throw it on the grill.)
As with the past two games, you play to 21. This game uses cancellation scoring. And you get fireworks when you score!
I lost.

Game 4: Holiday Cornhole
When you start this game, catchy Christmas music and all, you are given a notice that you must purchase the game within the app store to play a full 21 innings or to get an “easy” mode. I had no issues with the free version, but I will probably purchase the app if I keep playing!
There’s no customization on this one, but I am okay with that because it was probably my favorite of the four games I tried. I’ve decided this is my favorite for two reasons. 1. This game has the same hold and flick option to throw the bag, but Holiday Cornhole will also let you swing your phone, as if you’re actualling holding and throwing the bag. This made the game a lot more fun. Be careful though! It’s sensitive and I actually dropped a few bags by swinging my arm back too far. 2. What really sets this game apart, considering it is the simplest with no wind, props, or customized options, is the wise-cracking elves. They actually had me laughing out loud, especially when they told me to “lay off the eggnog.” With this comes the best graphics depending on where your bag lands and how you score. (Another reason to buy the app… even more wise-cracking elves!)
This fourth game also has the most competitive scoring. You have to score exactly 21; if you go over, your score is reset to 15.

All in all, this was a fun experiment and I’d recommend all four games for different reasons. If you didn’t join a winter league and are looking to play cornhole during the winter months, this is a great way to do so! Also, reach out to us on Facebook and let us know if you have any virtual cornhole games you like more than the four we’ve listed. I’d love to give them a try.

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Looking for the perfect gift?

December is here and the holiday season is upon us. Whether you’re shopping for a parent, grandparent, neighbor, cousin, college student, co-worker, secret santa, or whoever else you can think of to exchange presents with, we’re here to help you find the perfect gift!

Our set of 8 cornhole bags makes an excellent gift for the cornhole enthusiast looking to change their team colors, a player looking to refresh their game with a new set up bags, or someone who is new to the game and looking for their very own set. If you don’t need a full set because a pesky animal chose one of your corn-filled bags as an afternoon snack or you’ve simply misplaced a bag or two over the years, we also sell individual cornhole bags. With seventeen colors to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find colors you love! We also take embroidery orders if you’d like to personalize your gift.

All of our bags are constructed with durable cotton duck cloth and high quality polyester thread, cut to size, hand pressed, individually sewn to 6×6 (or 5×5, if you prefer a smaller bag), filled to exactly one pound of corn, and sewn closed. If you’re prone to leaving your bags out in the elements and they’re looking a little worse for wear, don’t fret — we sell weatherproof bags filled with plastic pellets instead of the standard corn to help keep your bags in the top playing condition, even if they accidentally spend an evening in the rain. These all-weather bags are also available in 5×5 and as individual bags.

If you’re shopping for someone who is savvy with a sewing machine and has the supplies on hand, we have unfilled cornhole bags available.

Cornhole bags aren’t what you’re looking for this gift-giving season? We also sell boards, score towers with drink holders and score tower combo sets. Check out our page for more details!

If you have questions about any of our products or gift ideas, feel free to reach out through our contact page, Facebook, Twitter, or by phone at 513-545-4481.

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It’s getting chilly…

It’s hard to believe it’s already Halloween. The leaves are changing, the mornings are a little colder, and winter is sneaking up on us. But cooler weather does not mean we have to stop playing cornhole!

Not only is cornhole a tailgate essential during football season, there are winter leagues throughout the country.

Boston is lucky to have four different winter leagues, all of which have open registration right now.  Boston gets pretty chilly in the winter months, so any of these leagues are a great way to warm up and experience a little bit of summer in January.

A little further south, in Philadelphia, three leagues are open for registration.

Atlanta has two leagues with early bird registration open, so you and your team can join for a discounted rate!

If you like the early bird cost but aren’t in Atlanta, Delaware has a league open for early bird registration with discounted team and player fees too.

But if you don’t have the time to commit to a league, there are still winter tournaments, like these two in Cleveland and Chicago.

If you want to escape the cold weather and play cornhole this autumn & winter but we didn’t feature a city convenient to you, let us know and we can help you find a league or tournament in a closer city. If you’re in a city that doesn’t have a cold winter… enjoy! (I know I will.)

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Cornhole on the West Coast

While my heart is still in Ohio, I recently moved to California to pursue new opportunities. I have been here for about a week and I already miss home, especially and it’s employees.

Today, while feeling a little homesick for the Midwest, we went to the pub at Golden Road Brewery. We sat down on the dog-friendly deck and took a look around: giant Jenga, foosball, a photobooth, the usual… But then, across the deck, I noticed something very familiar. They have cornhole! I know cornhole is popular all over the country, but this is the first time I had seen it with my own eyes in California. I wasn’t able to snap a picture, but I did a little research to see where else I can find the game I associate with my beloved home in Cincinnati in my new Californian home. It turns out, cornhole is a popular bar game here. I was able to find an additional three bars good for a game of cornhole and a nice post with a photo of people playing cornhole at Golden Road Brewery. Thankfully this state has perfect cornhole-playing weather all year round!

So now I’m curious to know… other than home, where is your favorite place to play cornhole? Do bars, restaurants and other public places have cornhole set up to play in your area?

Share your favorite place to play cornhole with us on Facebook. Not only will it be fun for us to know where people can play, it could turn into a great resource for people across the country.

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Football is here! Are you tailgate ready?

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! And congratulations to Clint from Georgia. Clint is our August contest winner and he chose red & black weatherproof bags.

I spent my Labor Day weekend on Lake Michigan. While walking and driving around the neighborhood, I was excited to see a lot households outside playing cornhole. The neighborhood we were visiting, right on the Indiana/Michigan border, has a lot of families from nearby states come in over the holiday weekend, so there was a wide variety of bag colors; I saw families with Ohio plates playing with red and grey bags or black and orange bags, families with Illinois plates playing with navy and orange bags, families from Indiana with blue and white, navy and gold or black and gold bags… In some cases, I’m sure it’s coincidence, but it was interesting to see these families proudly playing with their Ohio State Buckeyes, Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Purdue Boilermakers team colors. It made me wonder how many cornhole players choose their bag colors by their favorite sports team.

With the college football kicking off last week and NFL’s regular season starting this Thursday, it’s time to stock up on behalf of your favorite football team. We all know cornhole is a tailgating essential, so with our 17 bag color choices, we’ll help you find the color combination that best matches you and your family’s favorite team.

If you’re not a football fan getting ready to load your boards into your car for game day, we stumbled upon an article with another reason to play cornhole. Reg Henry, a deputy editorial page editor and columnist at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, wrote a great opinion piece and being introduced to cornhole and the enthusiasm he has for “this most American of pastimes.” According to his article, cornhole is no longer a game for your lawn at home or your family picnic in the park — it’s made its way into exclusive country clubs.

Are your cornhole bag colors influenced by your favorite sports team? Or do pick you pick based on your favorite colors or what matches your patio furniture? Either way, let us know on our Facebook. We’d love to hear your favorite bag color combination.

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There’s always a reason to play cornhole

It’s strange to think September is right around the corner. Summer is winding down. The mornings are starting to feel more like autumn. Kids are preparing for a new school year. Department stores are overflowing with dorm room decor and back-to-school deals.

But that doesn’t mean it’s time to put away the cornhole boards.

The afternoons are still hot and there’s still plenty of great weather in store. With Labor Day only 11 days away, there are ample picnics, barbecues and family parties to keep us busy. I’m sure I’ll squeeze in a few games of cornhole Labor Day weekend!

But if you don’t have big Labor Day plans, rest assured… football season is upon us. Cornhole is essential for every tailgate. Whether you’re a college football fan or an NFL fan, with our 17 bag color choices, you can support your favorite team’s colors at every tailgate and game day party. (I know a lot of us here at love the scarlet and grey bags!)

Are you moving your kid to college this month? Great! Take your cornhole boards with you. Even if you’re squeezing in a late summer vacation, cornhole boards are easy to transport and the bags take up hardly any room at all. Cornhole is one of my favorite road trip items because you can play almost anywhere; all you need is a flat surface, two boards, eight bags, and some friendly competition. And let’s be honest… cornhole is very popular on college campuses across the country so this could be a great way to get to know your son or daughter’s new neighbors.

And if these aren’t reason enough to keep playing cornhole as the weather cools and the seasons change, play to get out of your house and in the sunshine. Play to get to know the people in your community. Play for the simple excuse of having some friends over for fellowship and relaxation. Play because the breeze feels good and you deserve a cold beer after a long week at work. Or play for the sake of practice. After all, cornhole is a game of skill.

We have plenty of bags, corn and weatherproof, to keep your cornhole needs satisfied as summer slowly winds down. For those of you that are all stocked up on bags for the rest of the year, don’t forget about our scoretower, boards and rentals!

We’ll be posting our August contest on our Facebook page on August 25th, so check back soon!

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Here’s the fine print for our upcoming contest. This will all make sense in a few days.

*A random winner will be selected and notified via Facebook private message on September 2nd, 2014. The winner must acknowledge receipt of this message within 48 hours. After receipt confirmation, will coordinate color choice and shipping with the winner, as well as acknowledge the winner on our Facebook. Please note the winner will be notified through an employee’s personal account as we cannot initiate private messages through the company’s page.

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Extreme Cornhole?

Have you ever tried to make a tough toss while playing a friendly game of cornhole? And been super impressed with yourself when you made it? There are people that love cornhole so much they have taken the time to perfect the art and captured some pretty amazing trick shots on camera! I have to say… I am pretty impressed.

The Cornhole Kings have a video of some difficult shots set to Dynamite by Taio Cruz which is completely fitting for the vibe of this video. Personally, I think the ones of the trampoline look like the most fun.

Murfreesboro’s Cornstars have a similar energy but they get a little more intense with their trick shots… There are very few of these I could even get close to executing, but they all look like a lot of fun.

And lastly, a group called Toss.0 has a video of some very extreme tosses AND the World Record for the  109 ft.  109 ft. Longest Shot. While any video of shots like this and tosses with obstacles are extraordinary, this video may have some of the most impressive trick shots I have ever seen, and I have to give them props for the clever name.

If you have any more videos of intense or daring trick shots, send them our way! The practice and talent behind this kind of cornhole is certainly remarkable and we would love to see what you can do.

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