We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! And congratulations to Clint from Georgia. Clint is our August contest winner and he chose red & black weatherproof bags.

I spent my Labor Day weekend on Lake Michigan. While walking and driving around the neighborhood, I was excited to see a lot households outside playing cornhole. The neighborhood we were visiting, right on the Indiana/Michigan border, has a lot of families from nearby states come in over the holiday weekend, so there was a wide variety of bag colors; I saw families with Ohio plates playing with red and grey bags or black and orange bags, families with Illinois plates playing with navy and orange bags, families from Indiana with blue and white, navy and gold or black and gold bags… In some cases, I’m sure it’s coincidence, but it was interesting to see these families proudly playing with their Ohio State Buckeyes, Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Purdue Boilermakers team colors. It made me wonder how many cornhole players choose their bag colors by their favorite sports team.

With the college football kicking off last week and NFL’s regular season starting this Thursday, it’s time to stock up on behalf of your favorite football team. We all know cornhole is a tailgating essential, so with our 17 bag color choices, we’ll help you find the color combination that best matches you and your family’s favorite team.

If you’re not a football fan getting ready to load your boards into your car for game day, we stumbled upon an article with another reason to play cornhole. Reg Henry, a deputy editorial page editor and columnist at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, wrote a great opinion piece and being introduced to cornhole and the enthusiasm he has for “this most American of pastimes.” According to his article, cornhole is no longer a game for your lawn at home or your family picnic in the park — it’s made its way into exclusive country clubs.

Are your cornhole bag colors influenced by your favorite sports team? Or do pick you pick based on your favorite colors or what matches your patio furniture? Either way, let us know on our Facebook. We’d love to hear your favorite bag color combination.

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