In the summer of 2000, Ryan Whetstone was introduced to the game of cornhole at a friends family party.  He went back to his dad’s workshop and made a set of boards for himself and that family friend within a weeks time.  His mom made the first set of bags.  Some other friends asked for a set of boards and he thought maybe he should start a business and try to sell cornhole products.  Whetstone Products, LLC was formed in 2001 as a company that would specialize in cornhole boards, bags and accessories, only selling the highest quality products. The business took off as the game of cornhole spread like crazy in the Cincinnati area and across the country.  Ryan reached out to family to help maintain and develop the flourishing business.

Family owned and operated since 2001, the business has developed into specializing in premium, top quality corn hole bags. After experimenting with many different fabrics, threads, methods, and machines, as well as finding a way to offer you weatherproof bags, we are positive we have found the most efficient and affordable way to produce the absolute best corn hole bags out there.

Between our workshops, each color fabric is cut to specific measurements, individually pressed to make sewing more accurate and convenient, “flat-stocked” to the perfect 6″ by 6″ measurement, expertly turned right-side-out, filled and weighed to exactly 1 lb. of whole kernel corn or plastic all weather pellets, and sewn closed, completing the essential perfect bag.

We use only toughest and most durable cotton duck cloth with every seam of the highest quality polyester buttonhole thread double stitched to ensure our bags are long-lasting and consistently provide accuracy within every game.

In our facilities, we make sure your cornhole products are given the best care and attention and stored in a climate controlled environment.

And the best part is… we have family fun while we make your bags! (Thankfully we have a big family — fun for everyone!)

We hope you enjoy our products!