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Stick and Slide Bags!

Don’t you hate when your cornhole bag slides right off the board? Do you want to get more competitive in your cornhole games? Check out our stick and slide bags! These bags are special because one side of each bag is suede that sticks to the board for a more controlled toss, and on the other side is cotton that will slide how you need. Each bag is 6”x 6” and is offered in five different colors. Visit our site at for more information.

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Discount for Reviews

Since we have moved our site to a brand new platform, there are no product reviews available for potential customers to read.

We would love to fill up the reviews section of each of our products with helpful insights into the products we sell and the service we offer.

As an incentive to take a few moments to review a product, we are offering a 20% off coupon for your next order.  Simply fill out a review and we will send you a code that you can put in to get your discount.

We aren’t asking you to give us fluff reviews where you just tell us how great we are, although we do hope your experience is great! Instead we want real reviews that will help us become a better company and provide useful information to potential customers.

We hope to receive a review from you soon!

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Shiny new website!

Welcome to the brand new!

We have spent countless hours creating this new website to connect with our customers and to showcase and sell our products.

There are many goodies for you to explore including new pictures of our products, easier ordering and payment process, awesome color swatches for easier picking of bag colors.  Better communication after an order is placed, easy review creation and a whole lot more.

Our new system allows for us to create coupon codes, so stay tuned to cash in on discounts on our products.

On the site you can find our products including cornhole bags, weatherproof cornhole bags, and accessories.   You can also find corn hole rules, rental information and more information about the people behind

Thanks for visiting and drop us a line to let us know what you think of the new site.